New Zealand: A Place where Electric Cars Make Sense

Posted on Aug 20 2018 - 7:48pm by Expert-Zine

Road on the side of a mountainProtecting the environment is a priority, especially if you want to prolong Mother Nature’s life. Apart from the standard recycling practices, using electric cars is one of the best ways to do it. But not all electric cars use sustainable energy. A lot of countries rely on fossil fuels for their electricity — so driving around in electric cars still count as using fossil fuels.

How does New Zealand deal with this?

The Green in New Zealand

The scenery isn’t the only green in New Zealand, as the government and its people are very environmentally conscious. NZ geothermal heating is rising in popularity — where homes rely on the heat of the sun and the earth, producing practically zero carbon emissions. Oil and coal account for less than a tenth of electricity produced in the country — making New Zealand one of the leaders in renewable energy.

Cars that Run on Water

A majority of electricity in New Zealand is produced by hydroelectric power. Unlike most countries that rely heavily on fossil fuels — 80 percent of New Zealand’s electricity actually comes from renewable energy sources. Your electric car will be running on power mostly derived on hydro, wind and solar power, and won’t be costing fumes and emissions from plants that run on fossil fuels. In fact, New Zealand is one of the few places that electric cars actually make sense. In the United States, almost 70 percent of their electricity comes from the burning of coal and natural gas and only 17 percent from renewable energy sources — making the use of electric cars actually harmful to the environment.

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The Future is 100% Green

New Zealand aims to completely transition to renewable energy by 2035. When that time comes, the majority of emissions and air pollutants would be from factories and motor vehicles. Switching to electric vehicles can further reduce pollution and enhance the air quality in the cities.

Clean energy is the only sensible source to power electric cars. Using electric vehicles may still not be a sustainable reality in most countries — but it is in New Zealand.