Not Just Flooding: Other Sources of Water Damage in the Basement

Posted on Jun 25 2018 - 2:19pm by Expert-Zine

Water Damaged WallWhile flooding (both natural and man-made) is the most common source of water damage in basements or foundations, it isn’t the only one you should care about. There are other reasons your basement can suffer from water damage and will, therefore, show signs of damage such as mold, unpleasant odor, and changes in color or texture of walls and floors.


Moisture issues are common in basements, with a number of sources. Rain and groundwater are the main culprits, especially if your house has no proper gutters or downspouts. It is likely for the water and moisture to find its way through the smallest cracks or opening around your basement. This is why you should fix leaky downspouts and keep them away from the home’s foundation.

First Response Restoration & Cleaning and other restoration companies in Long Island share the other sources of moisture:

  • Appliances including unvented clothes dryer and humidifiers
  • Activities like showering/bathing and cooking
  • Humid outside air when the basement windows are opened

Other Exterior Factors

The elements outside your home can also contribute water damage in your basement or foundation. Some of them are out of your control like the climate or weather in your area, as well as the position of your property with regards to the way the land naturally slopes. The level of ground erosion around your home and type of soil in your yard also plays a part.

Fortunately, there are a few landscaping methods that can prevent flooding or water damage in your basement. You can start by grading your lawn in the proper direction like digging a dry creek and filling it with gravel or cobblestones. This can keep your basement dry by letting the water flow away from your property instead of towards it.

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If your basement has experienced flooding, it is best to call the pros for help. A water restoration company can clean up and preserve the contents of your home while reducing the damage. They can also assess the level of water damage to determine if you’ll need a general contractor to rebuild some structure or foundation.