Nut and Bolt Shelving: A Good Choice

Posted on Jun 7 2017 - 6:51am by Expert-Zine

Nut and Bolt ShelvingWith a variety of shelving and storage options to choose from, the debate revolves around which one is best. Several factors affect making the right choice: cost, sturdiness, construction material and safety.

Each construction method has its pros and cons, and it is up to a business to decide what meets their needs best. The most important question to ask is whether there is a market for nut and bolt shelving system.

Here are some reasons to consider it.


This is one of the biggest factors consumers take into account when making a choice. Compared to other options, this type of shelving is more in demand because of its versatility. It is easy to assemble and can be set up in many configurations.

The only possible downside is that a customer has to assemble it and may not be up to manufacturer specs. The fact is that this kind of rack is easy to repair, as one just has to replace nuts and bolts and reconfigure the structure when necessary.


In the last few years, the price of steel has been high. The cost of producing bolted racks has come down drastically thanks to automation. Manufacturers are now using galvanised steel to make a more durable product and considering industry needs.

Galvanised steel does not need to be painted and can withstand different conditions.

Installation, Safety and Shipping

What makes nut and bolt shelving great is that it is easy to ship. For instance, a shipping container can take fewer pre-assembled shelves as compared to packages of bolt shelving. Bolted racks are easy enough to install and do not need manufacturers to hire welders.

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Manufacturers are paying close attention to AISI/AISC standards while making this product and they are just as safe as other shelving on the market.

It is entirely up to a customer to decide what to buy where shelving is concerned. Space, shelving options and costs may be part of the decision process. Fortunately, customers have plenty to look at before investing in a system that meets their specific needs.