Of Course You Can Make a Living as a Full-Time Writer

Posted on Aug 28 2016 - 1:00am by Admin

How to Make a Living as a WriterMany people have made a decent living as a full-time writer. Whilst it is not a practical choice for most people, writers always find a way to dedicate their lives to their craft. They profess, however, that it is a tough undertaking, but it is worth it in the end. If you’re itching to ditch your office job to become a freelance or self-publishing writer, here’s what you should know.

Getting Rid of Prejudice

Whilst others view freelancers as lazy, they are actually more in tune with their finances. Rapid Loans, an online lender, opines that there is a lot of entrepreneurship that goes into freelancing. Even self-publishing requires plenty of negotiating and taking financial risks. Investing in your work is like investing in yourself, where you have to achieve a balance between both financial and ethical aspects.

Creative writing is a skill and a profession that you are allowed to capitalise on. If your passion is writing, and you have something important to say, you shouldn’t worry too much about being a sell-out. You have every right to demand just compensation for your work. Better yet, don’t be afraid to ditch clients who don’t pay.

Getting Published

Today, writers can either publish traditionally or do it themselves. It does not matter if you stick to being a traditionalist or market yourself, as long as you get your story in the hands of people. The only job you have to do is write and publish, and your art will find its way to readers.

Capable writers who become well paid are those who set aside prejudices and doubts and completely dedicate their craft to their audience. They write and publish, not because they’re good at it, but because they have a message to impart. This is where writing becomes not just a job, but an advocacy.

Writers in the Information Age

The Information Age is run by data, but the human voice expressed in words is what enables social change. The demand for great content does not fluctuate and is immeasurable. What you can quantify, however, is the number of people talking about and sharing your art, which you can now easily track online.

Authors take to social media to interact with their readers and readers, in turn, appreciate that. It goes to show that people are still seeking the human voice in a sea of anonymity. Writers and creative entrepreneurs have long since ditched their typewriters in exchange for laptops to cater to their audience’s needs.

Those who profess to make a living out of writing attest that you can have a decent living out of your passion. It might take a while before you see a significant boost in your earning potential, but like any other career, you have to take it one step at a time.

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