Office Cleaning: Mistakes When Hiring a Janitorial Service

Posted on Apr 28 2016 - 8:46am by Expert-Zine

Janitorial ServiceYour office is like your home. It has to be well-kept and maintained to create a more conducive workplace to your staff and, of course, to make a good impression on your clients. Should you want to hire a janitorial service, there are various service providers that can help you. Feel free to call and visit them for assistance.

Forte Commercial Cleaning Utah lists some mistakes that you should avoid when hiring a janitorial service company anywhere in the state.

Hiring Non-Professionals

Non-professional cleaners don’t have the skills and training for the job. Their cleaning style may not meet your standards.

Selecting a Company that Offers Extremely Low-Priced Services

Never attempt to hire based on price alone. Low prices could be appealing but it could also mean low cleaning standard, poor quality of cleaning solutions, incapability of reimbursement in case of property damage, or add-on fees.

Failing to Do a Background Check

Inquire about the company’s records and its staff. You may ask for references and verify client experiences and contracts. Make sure that the company is duly licensed and insured.

Committing to a Company Without Knowing the Terms

Inquire about the janitorial company’s terms, policies, and conditions before committing to it. Negotiate about the fees and possible reimbursement in case it doesn’t meet your cleaning standards.

Not Knowing What You Want

State clearly the kind of service that you want from the company. Tell all your expectations and make sure that your standards are the same.

Failing to Secure Confidential Documents

Keep your financial records and other confidential documents in a safe place like lockers or steel cabinets. Your competitors can use janitors to pry into your trade secrets and hidden contacts. Furthermore, restrict their access to certain areas to protect your assets. If possible, assign an employee to supervise them.

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Asking people outside your workforce to handle your cleaning stuff can be dreadful. But hiring them from reputable companies can save you from unnecessary stress.