Office Design Should Not Be Cold and Uncomfortable

Posted on Apr 26 2018 - 5:58pm by Expert-Zine

workplace interior with people workingDesigning an office is not just about cramming people into each room and packing all the cubicles into the available space. These days, it’s important to pay attention to the comfort your office provides. When your employees feel uninspired because of the drab walls and the box-like structure of the office suffocates them, they will not be enjoying the job.

These three elements should be considered when buying office furniture online at Online Office Furniture and designing the workplace:


If you’ve got the advantage of natural light pouring into the office, use it wisely. Blinds and curtains control the amount of light that gets in. The position of the cubicles, particularly the direction they are facing, should consider the rising and setting of the sun. This is important especially during midday and if you’ve got a view outside that can help them refresh their minds.


You may think you need to use every inch of space in the workplace to take full advantage of it, but there’s something to gain if you have breakout areas for everyone. It doesn’t have to be a full room. One corner with comfortable seating can be the place for those who want to set an informal meeting or who are looking for a place to unwind on their short break.

Communal Areas

Cubicles give employees their own space, which is perfect for storing their things and concentrating on work. However, the office should be collaborative and open so that employees will be comfortable spending time with others. A pantry should be functional and can accommodate large groups, and meeting rooms could be outfitted with quirky furniture. Get ideas from your employees; if they helped design these communal areas, they would be more likely to use them.

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Employees go to the office to get their work done. To keep their creative juices flowing, give them a workplace that lets them unwind when they need to.