One for the Road: What to Bring on that Road Trip

Posted on Nov 2 2017 - 7:58pm by Expert-Zine

A aerial view of AustraliaThere are a lot of places to visit in Australia. A lot of people have raved about the Great Barrier Reef, Uluru, and the great Australian outback. But one thing remains—if you’ve yet to go on those trips via companies like Mona Vale Coaches that do bus hire in Sydney, or if you and your mates have still to go on that trip you’re waiting for, you have to make sure you’ve got everything you need.

Never Forget These

What you need to carry will undoubtedly help in the long run. What are these? Let’s start with the basics:

  • Electronics. It pays to be prepared for the long drive ahead. Once upon a time, maps were a must-have, but now, you can get all you need at the tip of your hands—never lose your cellphone, in other words. Waze and other apps are a big help if you’re lost.
  • Baggage. This means storage to carry your things in. How long are you going to be out of your town or city? How far is the place you’re going to? Asking these questions will help you pack for the trip ahead.
  • Emergency Kit. Even if you’re going to call a bus hire company in Sydney or you’re going to use your car, you should make sure no one forgets to carry one of these. It spells the difference between an easy fix and a problem that leaves you stranded.
  • First Aid. This, along with water and other supplies, is a must-have.

You Should Have These

This also depends on how long the trip will be. Food is essential, whether on a short trip or a long one.

  • Dry food like chips, crackers, biscuits.
  • Drinks like soda, water, or fruit juices.
  • Wet food—a stop at a convenience store or take-out from a diner or fast food is recommended.
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That’s all there is to it. The food you bring depends on how long your trip is, or how you like your car or bus—messy, or not? Drinks and the clothes you bring along depend on your decision, so make sure you’re on top of the situation during the trip at all times!