Painting the Whole House Interior: Where Do You Begin?

Posted on Feb 15 2018 - 1:00am by Expert-Zine

a professional painting the wallsSometimes, all it takes to completely brighten up your home is a fresh coat of paint.

But a typical American family home is 2,678 square feet and has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, and a dining area—and painting all of these areas in one day can result in a huge mess. It can also disrupt your daily life, especially if you’re moving furniture from one room to another.

Taking it one room at a time is the smartest way to go—but where do you begin?

Bedroom and Bathroom

Start with the bedroom, because this is where you will seek respite during the project — it is also your sanctuary to hide away while the rest of the house is a complete mess. Yes, you can expect some degree of disarray, but less so when you hire experts like

Make sure the painting contractors you hire start with this room early in the day to allow time for the fumes to dissipate.

Likewise, it’s not as if you can get through the day without using the bathroom. So, focus on the bathroom, as well, before working on the rest of the space.


Kitchens are the center of most homes—it’s a place for grabbing a snack, preparing meals, doing homework, and planning the month’s finances. It should be your next target, as you need a room to prepare meals for the family and the painting contractors throughout the whole project.

Living Room

The living room can be left until a little later for two reasons: 1) This is the largest room in the home and take the longest to paint and 2) You can get away with not having access to the shared space for as long as necessary. You can always find other ways to entertain yourself and find other places to relax while the project continues.

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This is just a rough guide; prioritizing rooms for house painting really depends on your preference. The rule of thumb is to analyze how the paint job will affect your daily routine and know how to prioritize the rooms to allow you to resume your normal life at the soonest possible time.