Pillars of Responsible Living

Posted on Oct 1 2018 - 10:33pm by Alonzo Callahan

Responsible LivingAdulting isn’t easy. Demands of meeting obligations and staying within the budget month after month are no small feat. But if you value a life of freedom from avoidable stresses, one must master the art of responsible living. Here are three main pillars of responsible living that will reduce unnecessarily stresses for you and your loved ones.

Avoid, Eliminate or Minimize Debt

Financial woes are cited as the most significant source of stress that leads to many problems affecting one’s health and relationships. Although financial problems can happen to anyone at any given point in their lives, most financial pressures are often avoidable by simply choosing to live mindfully and frugally. Develop a realistic budget that provides for your needs while allowing a reasonable room for entertainment and other things that you enjoy. Reducing your stress from time to time helps you focus on your resources and how to manage your debt.

If a debt is already present, follow a budget that aims to pay down your debt aggressively. When purchasing a home, amounting debt cannot be avoided, minimise it by opting for reasonable terms, rate and aim towards a property with increasing value that adds towards your equity.

Prioritize Health and Wellness

Another mark of responsible living is prioritising your health and wellness to avoid illness so that your family can always rely on you. Shed away unhealthy habits like smoking and excessive drinking and adopt a consistent exercise regime. Make sure to eat well-balanced meals rich in plant-based sources to avoid common metabolic condition prevalent in most adults today.

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Prepare for the Inevitable

As morbid as it sounds, everyone will inevitably pass on, no matter the background. Therefore the responsible thing to do is to prepare your loved ones for your passing. Seek a life insurance plan to make sure your loved ones would not be displaced after your loss. Opt for a funeral plan that could be prepaid so that you can have your last details arranged to give your family room to grieve and free from worries related to your funeral arrangements.

Being a responsible adult doesn’t just mean just paying your bills on time and keeping your affairs in order. It means being a dependable source of peace of mind for your loved ones. Incorporate these habits and goals for living responsibly.