Planning a Dynamic Workstation

Posted on Mar 24 2017 - 1:00am by Expert-Zine

A man doing tasks at his workstation Supplies, materials and equipment storage are usually a workstation design problem. In order to develop efficiency within the flow of your industrial workstations, you need to plan the materials that will correspond to your company’s work process.

1. Don’t increase the surface of workstations for storage purposes.

If you don’t have sufficient space in your workstations, building an even bigger table won’t help. You shouldn’t even consider the tabletop surface as storage space. Keep in mind that a messy workstation reduces the actual working space that will limit the overall capacity of the workers. Nevertheless, you can still use each work surface to increase storage space significantly.

2. Select the right storage components.

The majority of the bench systems have a collection of elements that includes racks, bins and shelves. This will guarantee that the space above and below the bench reach zones are flexible and efficient. Modular bench systems offer several substitutes for storing different materials and equipment in the lower and front upper reach zones of the work surfaces. As the applications change, you can even incorporate new components into the workstation.

3. Choosing materials on the rear, right and left storage areas.

There are several conveyors, stands, skids, bins, racks, carts and shelving units easily available in the marketplace. This will help you create a well-organized and efficient back and side storage space. No matter what type of system you select, ensure that it contains at least a couple of levels of storage. Employees should be able to access it without bending or heavy lifting to minimize the risks of injury.

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Besides the above components, you also have to prepare your storage space for incoming work, in process staging and staging for finished tasks. Planning everything in advance will help increase the productivity of your staff.