Pointers for Improving Your Company Seminars

Posted on May 24 2016 - 11:52am by Expert-Zine

Company SeminarMany companies hold their in-house training and workshops on a regular basis but they are never sure if their lessons and activities have helped their employees in any way. If you intend to make your seminars, conferences, and training more useful and appreciated by your management and staff, do consider these suggestions. These will involve directly connecting with your rank and file.

Open Up Avenues – See to an exchange between you and your underlings. Have an open forum to find out what they want to learn. Plan out opinion polls for what would be best offered in your next company event. Ask around for what topics they would mostly appreciate. Keeping the communication lines open between the higher ups and your manpower can create stronger ties and better-working relationships too.

Offer “New Blood”- The saying “familiarity breeds contempt” is not just applicable to a romantic relationship. If you have had too many regular workshops and team-building activities that your people find nothing new, whether it’s lessons or approaches, then it’s time that you build the enthusiasm for something new. Hire an outside training company that can give back life into your typical conferences and create anticipation in your staff for the upcoming programs.

More Than Training – Create a whole year program of training, evaluation, and application that your employees can actually see unfold before them. Have EFQM consulting sessions, coaching meets and follow up seminars. These add-ons can add interest among those that are not into just listening but actually doing or discussing with their trainer or coach. With these additional services, your staff and managers don’t just sit down and write down notes. They actually see and realize their improvement.

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Your company can either improve or stagnate depending on the seminars you hold and how those lessons are accepted and applied. Reaching out to your employees before you start planning out the next corporate event can make the difference between a flop and a successful seminar. Don’t hold back and just go for it.