Recruitment Challenges Facing Engineering Companies

Posted on Mar 23 2018 - 6:23pm by Expert-Zine

Engineers at workHiring the right people is crucial to the success of any engineering company. This explains why most organisations are stepping up their efforts to attract qualified candidates who can contribute to the company’s growth.

Fortunately, there are agencies that provide staffing to companies involved in various industries, even in sectors as specialised as engineering. They work by helping fill positions in design engineering firms. Jobs in this industry require a stringent hiring process to secure the right candidates for the positions.

Below is a list of some of the biggest hiring challenges in the engineering industry:

Candidate-driven job market

It can be difficult to fill in vacancies because of the strong demand for talent and the difficulty in finding enough qualified applicants.

What this means for companies is that they are recruiting in a competitive talent market, with many other organisations looking to hire the same people. The problem lies in the failure of some to use updated hiring practices to convert qualified candidates into employees and even attract new talent at the beginning of the hiring process.

To address this growing concern, there is a need to switch from antiquated methods of hiring, such as cold calling, to eliminate the risk of candidates losing interest in the company and the role they are being considered for.

Closing top candidates who have multiple offers

Closing candidates who are considering offers from other companies can be complicated. Because job applicants can afford to be more selective when it comes to choosing which company to work for, oftentimes they will turn down offers that do not fit into their envisioned career path.

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This makes it difficult for many companies to secure the person they want for a specific role. Another challenge facing companies is the risk of losing other candidates while trying to close one candidate with multiple offers.
To manage these types of candidates, and to ensure that the right individual is chosen for the role, companies must create a great candidate experience at the onset, even as early as the first interview This can be done by listening intently to what the candidate is interested in, and what matters to them career-wise.

Striking a balance between speed and quality

Engineering firms balance the speed of hire and quality of hire to get the best talent at the earliest time possible. Making the hiring process move efficiently can sound simple, but the work requires companies to sift through hundreds of CVs to find people qualified to move to the next level of the hiring process.

Firms can also outsource the hiring process to agencies that have a pool of qualified engineers and draughtsmen just waiting to fill positions. This way, companies can focus on their projects and leave the talent sourcing to professionals.