Safety Standards for Mining Accommodations

Posted on Jun 12 2015 - 12:00am by Expert-Zine

MineMining accommodations are practical solutions for workers and employers. These are areas conveniently located near work sites where workers can rest before resuming their challenging jobs.

Still, not all accommodations are of the highest quality. The characteristics of some of these places are comparable to prison accommodations where the facilities are very minimal and limited. Provisions for emergency supplies are very restricted and workers need to gatherat the nearest safe place in case of emergency situations.

Here are some things mining accommodation providers should supply their camps with:

  • High-Quality Accommodation Standards

The building of workers’ accommodations should meet the requirements of a carefully planned community. It is important to choose providers that think about the layout of their areas.

The IFC and European Bank for Reconstruction and Development have released some guidance on accommodation standards. There are worth looking into so that the sites will be more habitable for the workers.

  • Basic Needs

Mining accommodations should have the workers’ basic needs covered. The investment in addressing everyone’s comfort will pay off with sustained or increased productivity. This is why companies should pay attention to their employees’ needs.

  • Adequate Management

Proper management is vital, especially when it comes to workers’ health and safety. Security is another main concern that should be properly addressed by mining accommodation providers.

There should be regular safety drills so that workers will know what to do in emergency situations. They should know when and how to evacuate the premises if needed.

  • Reliable Transportation

The main purpose of these accommodations is to house workers near the work sites.It is also important, however, to provide efficient transportation between the site and the accommodation. This is so that the operation will not experience any delays.

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Companies have the responsibility of taking care of their workers’ needs. Providing good mining accommodations is one way of showing concern for employees.