School Uniforms: Their Role in Enforcing Rules

Posted on Mar 12 2016 - 10:56am by Expert-Zine

School UniformsThe adage ‘clothes define a man’ holds true even for children – and this idea is used to highlight the need for school uniforms. Like any other argument, this one is valid in many ways. School principals think discipline during formative years, with not a lot of distractions, will help.  Many studies have proven that schools in Australia which require uniforms have students who are more disciplined, less influenced by negative peer pressure and more focused on their studies.

Reasons uniforms are an advantage
  • Identification: The most obvious advantage is that every student dresses the same regardless of their economic status. Even in Australia, school uniforms help in creating an identity for the school. You easily see which students came from which school because of the uniform they’re wearing.
  • Stress-free wardrobe: School uniforms take away the guesswork that comes with deciding on the clothes to wear for the day. says this also helps parents save money; uniforms are, after all, less expensive than designer clothes.
  • Pride: Students feel a sense of pride if they go to a specific school. This is also a motivating factor to do well and to be more disciplined.
  • Manage behavioral issues:  Sociologists and educators have issued many reports that show students in uniforms behave better. They are better at following rules and regulations. Uniforms can be a deterrent to behaving badly in public because what they do reflects on their school.
  • Saving time: Uniforms help kids get dressed more easily in the morning as they are already coordinated. With regular clothes, trying to figure out colours and what to wear can be a distraction.
  • Monetary savings: Parents are usually the happiest because they save time and money by shopping for clothes only once every few months.  Most households spend up to $100 on uniforms alone.
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Considering that competition to get good grades and go to college is pretty stiff, it is important for students to focus on their studies.  Fostering healthy competition in academics and sports rather than thinking about what to wear to school will help students do better in life.