‘Social’ Power: Developing a Powerful Visual Brand on Social Media

Posted on Dec 15 2016 - 1:00am by Admin

Social MediaMajor social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest are focusing on visual content. In order for businesses to take advantage of these popular and visual social media platforms, therefore, they must have a strong visual brand.

A great brand, however, does not just happen overnight, says Voodoo Creative. Companies must produce consistent and appropriate visuals for all types of social media content. This includes posts, cover photos and profile pictures.

Use Consistent Colours

Colour is a very persuasive tool in promoting brand awareness. It has the power to change people’s attitudes and moods. Companies such as Pepsi follow this general rule, so that by simply mentioning this company, the colours red and blue come to mind. Designers should make sure every fibre of their brand, is in accordance to these colours.

When businesses use appropriate colours to associate their brand with, they can effectively persuade people to purchase products or services. Furthermore, marketers must find consistent and intentional ways of introducing it on all their social media communication pieces. Eventually, people will quickly identify the business just by taking in the colour combinations.

Use Appropriate Typography

Just like colour, utilising the right typeface can help develop brand awareness. One general design rule in typography is that there should be no more than three different typefaces to consistently represent the brand on all marketing materials. This is why, in typography, less is more. In addition, the font should be easy to read and must complement the brand’s personality. Furthermore, after choosing the typography, stick with the same font for all the social media pieces.

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Use Appropriate Images

The right images, along with the right colour and typeface, can make a business’ visual brand succeed. If a picture says a thousand words, then the business has to communicate the right one thousand words. Furthermore, the image’s style can also contribute to brand awareness. The use of special image effects or filters, therefore, can help develop the brand’s personality.

Consistent and appropriate visuals help develop a business’ social brand. To further develop their brand across social media platforms, business must try to emotionally connect the brand to their target audience.