The Basics of Planning Company Outings

Posted on May 9 2018 - 8:39am by Expert-Zine

co-workers planning an eventBusiness owners benefit from company outings in many ways. Team-building activities give employees the chance to relax, enjoy and socialise; thus, improving productivity at work. With employees feeling valued and motivated to work, there is a great chance for improved profit and building a stronger brand.

But how does one plan for a company outing?

Choosing an Activity

Deciding should not be a problem even for small businesses because there are many inexpensive team-building activities to choose from. Top examples are picnics, cook outs, and karaoke nights. Just remember to plan the main goal of the activity and use this when deciding.

According to Huddle, you can classify team building activities into four types: communication activities, activities that build trust, adaptability and planning activities, and problem-solving activities.

Setting Budget

Make a list of the expenses such as food, transportation, lodging, and rentals to determine how much money you need. Add a few bucks on top of each expense to avoid running short on cash. Stick to your budget and avoid unnecessary costs.

Planning the Date

Coordinate with the team members and ask their availability. Schedule date and time that best suits everyone’s needs. Send out invitations once finalised and demand confirmation to be more precise with the headcount.

Make Early Reservations

Secure reservations once you finalise the planning to avoid last minute hassles. Also, last minute changes usually result in additional expenses. Sign up for minibus here in Sydney, plan the itinerary for the day, and book the venue ahead of time.

Schedule a Meeting with Members

Discuss with members the activities for that day. Welcome suggestions and make notes. This is also the right time to assign tasks to every member of the group. If someone has to be in charge of cooking or bringing something, this is the ideal time to assign. Do not forget to make a list.

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Regardless of how simple or grand the activity will be, it can still turn out fun and successful. All it takes is everyone’s cooperation and careful planning.