The Hiring Process: Why You Shouldn’t Only Focus on Technical Skills

Posted on Jul 15 2015 - 5:30am by Expert-Zine

Technical SkillsHiring the best possible employees doesn’t only rely on what they can do to get the job done, but what they can do to help the business as a whole. Even if the job is better done by a one-man team, it’s best not to ignore the skills that can help bring your company together. Soft skills—leadership, honesty, positivity, and work ethics and integrity—are just as important as technical know-how.

If you spend the majority of the hiring process focusing on technical skills, you could be missing potential applicants who can do better for your business.

The Importance of Non-Technical Skills

LogicMills and other assessment and training providers say that soft skills are as beneficial as technical skills. If a highly qualified job seeker applies at your company, would you hire them if they don’t have the drive to lead or have their superiors lead them?

Remember that relationships in the workplace can affect work productivity. Assessing soft skills gives you an idea how they’ll interact and adjust with your existing team, rules and practices.

What Soft Skills Should You Look for?

A national survey conducted by Harris Poll reported that about 77% of employers believe that soft skills are important, while 16% says that it’s more important.Here are some of the skills they look for:

  • Dependability – From meeting deadlines to always arriving on time, you need employees who can deliver quality results without causing problems to anybody.
  • Effective Communication – Whether verbal or non-verbal, you need employees who can explain themselves well, who are willing to speak up and who are open to feedback.
  • Team-Oriented – Regardless of the type of job, you need employees who can work with everybody and not start trouble amongst co-workers.
  • Flexibility – In today’s fast-paced world, you need employees who can adjust to changes right away without affecting the quality of their work.
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Even if your applicants lack technical skills, they can still learn them, unlike soft skills that need to be part of their personality. Don’t ignore the importance of such characteristics. Find ways to assess soft skills and help your business succeed.