The Power of College Counseling Parents Don’t Often See

Posted on Apr 27 2016 - 12:00am by Expert-Zine

College Student in DubaiMany say that the school is every child’s second home.

But, other than spending most of the day in a learning institution, what truly makes it a home? Is this just a convention of thought that puts the minds of the parents at ease?

Well, probably not.

To answer this, you have first to put things into perspective. Every school has teachers and all the required facilities. However, those aren’t yet what make a school special.

Whether your child is far away studying in an international primary school in Dubai, or just close by — it’s always the counsellor’s job to make it a happy place. Below are some surprising things you probably don’t know about the work of a school counsellor.

They Help Students Get their Feelings Across

No matter how bright someone is, failure is a natural thing that always happens. Some can accept this reality easily, but others not so well. In times like this, the school counsellor steps in. Mainly, what they do is talk with the troubled student about their problems, pretty much in the same way a parent would do too.

They Clear the Priorities and Goals of Students

When a student consistently fails subjects, the professors send them for counselling. During the consultation, the counsellor addresses the root of the student’s weak performance. After which, they also extend the courtesy of guiding a student on what they should do to improve.

They Advise About Love and Relationships, Too

Apart from advising on education, goals, and priorities, a counsellor is also usually good at discussing matters of affection. They assess the intensity of the feeling and ways to turn it into a positive thing that can help in schooling. And depending on the openness of the child, the counsellor can also arrange what type of relationship to have. This sets things in perspective, helping the student to think clear about their feelings and future at the same time.

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School counselling is a powerful mechanism of the school that affects the lives of the students. It’s a critical factor of what makes a school unique, helpful, and home-like.