The Truth About Rainwater and Its Effects on Your Windows

Posted on Jul 19 2018 - 6:19pm by Alonzo Callahan

Man cleaning windowsRain can do a lot of things, but the last thing that it does is to make your windows dirty. Although it can potentially make your window appear dirtier, it’s only because the dirt was already there, to begin with.

Most homeowners often rely on a professional commercial window cleaning service such as Utah Window Cleaning Inc in Sandy to do the job. However, it’s still important to know if most window cleaning myths are true or not. So, does rainwater really make your windows dirty?

Rainwater Facts

Rain actually keeps your window cleaner for a longer period. However, it’s easy to confuse groundwater and rainwater. The truth is, groundwater is a reason your windows are dirty. Groundwater often contains various chemicals and mineral deposits that aren’t commonly found in rainwater.

These chemicals and other particulates tend to stay behind the mirror once the water evaporates, which then leaves white spots where the water previously evaporated. However, rainwater doesn’t have any mineral deposits in it, which in turn doesn’t leave any spot once it dries.

Rainwater as Window Cleaners

Rainwater tends to keep levels of specific matter much lower. So if you keep your windows free from dirt or grime, then the rainwater will help keep it protected from any dirt or small debris.

Air also has an effect on your windows as well. If the air is free from dust, then there’s a less chance that dirt will settle on the glass surface once the raindrop hits your windows.

In general, rainwater doesn’t constitute to dirty. However, you still have to regularly keep it clean at all times to prevent any dirt from accumulating. You might want to hire a professional window cleaning service to do the job for you.

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