Thinking About Moving Your Furniture on Your Own?

Posted on Mar 30 2016 - 6:48am by Expert-Zine

Furniture Movers in AucklandMoving from your old place, whether your home or office, to a new one is already a stressful, oftentimes emotional situation. Not only do you have to think about packing all your stuff; you also have to decide whether to do the task by yourself and with family or friends or hire a professional moving company.

Of course, hiring pros will get the job done faster and more efficiently, although you do need to pay them for their services. The thing you might neglect to consider when you decide against hiring these pros is the potential for injuries due to carrying and lifting all your pieces of furniture.

Learning more about these injuries, says industry expert Rodney Removals, will help you realise just how valuable the services of Auckland furniture movers are.

A Quick Overview on Back Injuries

When trauma, damage or wear affects the tissues, muscles, or bones located in your back, the result is a back injury.

Most common injuries affecting the back include sprains, strains, disc herniation and fractures. In most cases, the pain emanates from the lumbar area, since it has the greatest level of flexibility. This, combined with your body weight and the weight of the load you will lift and carry can wreak havoc to the lumbar area.

Lower Back Injuries: Very Common Due to Incorrect Lifting and Handling of Heavy Items

The lower area of your back is most susceptible to injuries because your hands, which you use to lift and carry items, have a considerable distance from the lumbar. The item/s you carry and your upper weight’s torso puts considerable stress and pressure on the structures found at your lower back, especially the discs. Aside from improperly lifting and carrying objects, suddenly twisting or turning with a load on your hands can cause your lower back area to sustain injuries.

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Remember: your home’s furnishings are heavy. You should understand your body’s limits when it comes to moving, lifting, carrying, and loading (vice versa) them during your move. The last thing you want to happen is to suffer from an injury because of a DIY move, so leave these tasks to the pros instead.