Three Aspects To Consider When Choosing An Espresso Coffee Machine For Your Business

Posted on Oct 11 2017 - 6:11pm by Expert-Zine

Businessman preparing coffeeEspresso coffee machines play the crucial role of ensuring a stable supply of coffee at the workplace. Such machines are not easy on the wallet, and you should check out their features and ensure that you make an informed purchase.

As you shop around for the appropriate commercial espresso coffee machine, below are three important aspects that you must consider.


Before choosing your appliance, you should examine the dimensions of the work area you have. For the device to be properly set there should be a counter that is close to water supply, electricity and waste drain. Do your math ahead of time and ensure that your workers would be in a position to comfortably access and use all the features of the machine you buy.


It is best to consider how many cups of coffee you would be making per day. You also need to take into account the number of cups brewed during peak hours of the day. The idea is to choose a machine whose capacity ensures fast services all the time. You have the option of choosing from1-4 group machines. Ensure that you make your choice based on the volume of coffee that needs brewing.


There are three types of boilers, the single boiler, the dual boiler and the heat exchanger. Ideally, an espresso machine should extract both espressos and stream milk. The single boiler machines will either extract steam milk or espresso at a go, and this means that they are not ideal for commercial environments. The twin boiler allows simultaneous extraction of steaming milk and espresso. Finally, a heat exchanger machine is perfect for business settings and the best part is that its mechanism ensures that brew water and boiler elements do not get into direct contact.

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There is so much that ought to be considered before you choose what to invest in. Shop around and acquaint yourself with different machine brands, models and rates. You may also want to consider the distinct features between semi-automatic and automatic espresso machines.