Top Tips to Reduce Your Moving Expenses

Posted on May 30 2018 - 1:00am by Expert-Zine

Movers Unloading BoxesYou might have read or heard many people complain about how stressful and demanding moving could be, mainly because of all the unexpected twists and turns that come along with it. Add to that the fact that moving your stuff from one house to another, regardless if you’re moving across town or interstate, naturally come with various expenses. To help you execute a more affordable and less stressful move, consider these practical tips:

Move at the right time

Most homeowners opt to move during summer months due to various reasons, but mainly because of the good weather. However, take note that summer months are the busiest months for professional packers and movers, so if you’re planning on using a moving company, consider doing so after the busy season; you might even try negotiating better rates.

Plan well for the delivery

Aside from planning and organizing your move, you must also plan for the actual delivery. For starters, make sure that your new home is move-in ready. Otherwise, you might have to pay for transit and storage fees.

Get rid of excess weight

Keep in mind that you would need a bigger truck the more things you’re bringing with you, and that moving companies charge by distance and weight. Getting rid of things that you don’t really need, whether through a garage sale or donations to obtain a tax break, is crucial for saving money.

DIY it

If you don’t have that much stuff and are moving somewhere relatively close by, your best bet is to DIY your move. Plenty of rental trucks have affordable day rates and only make money on mileage charges. If you’re moving interstate, it’s best to pack everything yourself, except if you have specialty items like a piano for instance, and then hire professional movers to do the loading and shipping.

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It’s very easy to get stressed and overwhelmed during the moving process, regardless if you’re moving across town or out of state. But being organized would help in saving money, even if you choose to hire a professional moving company. Whether you DIY your move, hire professional packers and movers, or a combination of these, keep these tips in mind to reduce your moving costs.