Twitter Features Group Messaging And Video Sharing

Posted on Feb 5 2015 - 5:54am by Expert-Zine

Twitter on Tuesday announced changes to its service; it now has group messaging and video sharing features. The social network company’s move is seen as an attempt to increase the amount of time users spend on Twitter.

Twitter has been one of the most popular social networks for many years. Millions of people around the world use it to share their thoughts, react on particular posts, and follow their favorite celebrities, performers, and athletes. The company has done well in bridging the gap between the famous and the fans. Now, Twitter offers new features that users can enjoy.

The Need to Advance

Video sharing and group chat have been among the most popular services offered by social media platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp. Snapchat has also created its own video sharing feature, which allows its users to post more than 700 million photos and video clips daily. The growing competition inspired Twitter to capitalize on group messaging and video sharing to keep its users engaged.

Sharing Videos up to 30 Seconds

twitterAs one of the largest social networks, Twitter aims to improve the user experience and increase the amount of time people spend on the network. It now allows users to shoot, edit, and share videos up to 30 seconds long. This is good news for users who love sharing video clips with their followers. They don’t have to switch from one social network to another just to keep their friends, families, and fans updated. This feature is an addition to Twitter’s video sharing app Vine, which enables users to upload and share video clips of up to six seconds in length.

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Product director Jinen Kamdar described on a recent blog post how easy sharing videos on Twitter would be using the new service.

The blog reads:

“We designed our camera to be simple to use so you can capture and share life’s most interesting moments as they happen. In just a few taps you can add a video to unfolding conversations, share your perspective of a live event, and show your everyday moments instantly, without ever having to leave the app. Viewing and playing videos is just as simple: videos are previewed with a thumbnail and you can play them with just one tap”.

Communicating with Multiple Friends Simultaneously

In addition to the new video sharing feature, Twitter also announced the coming of its private group direct messaging (DMs) service. This feature enables users to start a conversation with up to 20 people. They don’t have to be following one another to join the group chat. Anyone in the group can rename the conversation. A user can send message to people he or she already knows; these people can add or invite other people in their contacts to participate in the group chat. This gives users the chance to grow their networks.

The people behind Twitter hope the group messaging and video sharing service will help increase the number of people using the social media platform. The results will depend on how users will like the new features.