Types of Carpets and Their Cleaning Demands

Posted on May 29 2018 - 3:29pm by Alonzo Callahan

Stack of rolled carpetsPicking the right carpet for your office or home is no mean task; not when you have many things to consider. The carpet needs to be within your price range, it needs to tie together with the interior decor, and it also needs to be comfortable. However, there is one more factor that few people consider: how the carpet will be managed.

Carpet cleaning services in Salt Lake City like ProKleen vary their charges based on the material of your carpet. This is because the type of material that makes it up will affect how it keeps dirt, how it responds to cleaning and therefore, the kinds of methods that are appropriate for it. The following are three types of carpets and how they are cleaned to consider before your next purchase:

Jute carpets

Only cotton is used to make rugs more than jute is. Jute carpets are durable and do not attract dust. They are an excellent fit for households with people who have allergies. Jute carpets also resist moisture and are not damaged by vacuuming. However, cleaning methods for jute carpets are tricky because they must not be wet or exposed to sunlight. Most professional cleaners dry-clean jute carpets.

Woolen carpets

Wool is an excellent carpet material for the home because such mats are soft, smooth to maintain and resistant to stains. They bring warmth and style to the house. However, wool absorbs dust and microbes, and so it needs regular cleaning. Fortunately, it responds well to steam cleaning or carbonation cleaning.

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Synthetic carpets

Synthetic carpets can be made of nylon or polypropylene. They are cheap, but they do not last as long as woolen or jute carpets. The stains in them are easy to remove but the mats can only be dry-cleaned or foam cleaned. They cannot withstand techniques such as hot water extraction.

While your carpet of choice needs to be within your price range, it is better to spend more to get a quality carpet. A synthetic rug may be cheap but the maintenance, which needs to be regular and the lifespan, which is relatively short, can make it more expensive than its counterparts. Additionally, it is better to spend on cleaning services who know how best to handle your carpet than to try out chemicals that mess up the carpet.