Types of Shared Accommodation

Posted on Jul 12 2018 - 1:00am by Expert-Zine

shared room with bunk bedsThere are a lot of opportunities to study in London. It’s fun and exciting but preparing to relocate may not be as easy as it seems. One of the things you have to take care of is finding the right accommodations.

From shared flats to rent in London, to ensuite bathrooms and studios, you have plenty of options to choose from. Here’s a list that will help you choose what suits you best.

House/Flat Share

This type of accommodation is normally rented out in its entirety by a group of people who will share it under joint tenancy. That means all tenants are held responsible for paying the rent and other obligations as listed in the contract. If one person decides to leave before the contract is over, the property owner may allow the remaining or outgoing partner to find a replacement to avoid inconveniences to the occupants.


This comprises a self-contained apartment. It is a private space, which consists of a sleeping area, a private ensuite bathroom, a living area, and a kitchenette with cooking appliances. If you require privacy or you do not like sharing with other housemates, then a studio is the way to go. Additionally, if you want to stay together as a couple, you can get a studio that is big enough for two persons.

Private Room Accommodation

This is described as a personal space that is located within shared premises. It is meant to be your room to work/study, relax, and sleep in. Sometimes, they come furnished with a bed, storage space and a desk for your work or studies. While the bedroom is wholly private and lockable, you will share the cooking facilities and the living area with other occupiers. Depending on the property layout, you might get your bathroom, or you might share with other occupiers.

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Before getting accommodations, it is essential to consider a room type that will suit you best. Ensure that you have established whether you are okay sharing a bathroom, whether you want a traditional style hall or a more modern one, and how far you want to go to school or work from your room. These will help you make a decision that is right for you.