Update these Elements to Boost Your E-Commerce Site Performance

Posted on Aug 4 2015 - 9:56am by Expert-Zine

search engine marketingIt is not every day that a store, even one online, gets customers. Sometimes, your e-commerce site can get stuck in a rut — one that’s killing sales, squashing conversions, and slowing down revenue.

After adding products to your site, tracking data, and selling stuff, you hit a plateau. Not getting out of this rut early enough can cause serious problems down the road. Reliable search engine optimisation companies will tell you the website needs improvement, and not just in the way it looks.

Updated Product Descriptions

Product descriptions are at the core of any e-commerce site. Almost every customer who clicks the buy button only does so after going through the description and content.

Descriptions that are bland, boring, uninspiring, or those that add no value to a customer’s buying experience are best avoided. Instead of just listing an article, describe it. Explain its features and advantages, taking particular note with the phrasing. Connection with the customers through words is what you are after.

Keyword Targeting for Each Page

Title tags are important for any search engine marketing effort, especially for e-commerce sites. This short line of meta copy is the first thing a spider bot looks at when indexing your page.

Every single product page should have a title, with every title different from others. Focus on longtail keywords per page, as shoppers are always looking for specific items. The more descriptive your keywords and titles are, the more likely shoppers will find their way to your site.

Limited, Well Thought Out Options

More choices often reduce conversion, and this is not limited to the products you sell. The more fields you have in a submission form, for example, the less likely customers will finish the purchase transaction. Ask for an address, telephone number, or age and the likelihood of converting customers goes down. Less is more, and by cutting down the menus, products, and options, you’ll be making it easier for potential buyers.

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Getting stuck in a rut is a common thing for businesses. It’s what you do when you’re stuck — such as working with the best SEO company — that can make or break the future of your business.