Using Digital Technology to Close More Real Estate Deals

Posted on Nov 6 2018 - 3:27am by Alonzo Callahan

real estate agentTechnology opens endless possibilities for businesses. The real estate market is no different. Agents and brokers who embrace new technology and digital tools can reach a wider customer base.

Real estate property buyers are becoming increasingly digital as well. More potential customers are using digital and online media, such as social media and online portals, to find properties.

PropertyAccess Philippines, a property listing site, notes that agents and brokers with online landing pages connect with more local and international customers. The verification that some property listing websites offer also makes it safer for potential clients. This, in turn, raises the agents’ chances of finding buyers and closing a deal.

Understanding What Digital Real Estate Customers Want

Leveraging digital and online technology for greater success in selling real estate properties means understanding the needs of digital customers.

A wealth of information is available to digital customers through the Internet and social media. Agents and brokers will find that more buyers are well-informed on the market thanks to extensive research. Buyers are also more specific about the properties they want to buy or rent. They consider every aspect when choosing properties, including the location’s profile and its surrounding areas.

Managing Tasks with a CRM Software

A property listing website is only one of the advanced digital practices available to real estate agents and brokers. A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is another.

A CRM software streamlines the management of clients, tasks, and transactions. Agents and brokers can use CRM programs to follow up on clients. Some programs allow agents and brokers to make reminders that are visible to clients. It can also be used to create real estate documents, review client feedback and more.

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Other capabilities of a CRM software include:

  • Email tracking
  • Schedule management
  • Role-based user access
  • Multi-currency support
  • Cross-platform or device access
  • Custom and real-time reports
  • Customizable workflows
  • User support

The CRM software agents and brokers choose can make or break their business. Customizable CRM programs are ideal as it allows them to create solutions that align with their business operations.

Regardless of which CRM software they choose, it should provide excellent lead management. The software must be able to import leads from a variety of digital sources, such as social media, emails, online referrals, and more.

Taking Things Online for Better Efficiency

Digital and online interactions improve cost- and time-efficiency.

Messaging applications like Viber or Facebook Messenger make it easier to connect with interested buyers, even those in other countries. Taking the communication process online also allows agents and brokers to easily keep in touch with their clients. They can make follow ups and forward important documents much faster.

An active social media account helps agents appear more approachable, too, and helps them find more potential clients.

Meanwhile, videos and virtual tours offer a significant return on investment. It sparks interest in viewers and lessens the need for in-person tours or sit-down meetings.

It’s important to choose the best digital practices based on consumer behavior. Knowing where buyers go to find properties allow agents and brokers to customize their tools and close more sales.