Wedding Party Favors your Guests Would Like

Posted on Apr 6 2017 - 1:20pm by Expert-Zine

Married couple kissingDuring a wedding, it is important for the marrying couple to express their gratitude to their guests by giving wedding souvenirs, which will allow them a lasting memory of the special day. It is like a direct “thank you” gift to everyone who joined you and witnessed the vows that you both gave for better or for worse.

Whether it is complementary to the theme of the wedding or a gift that best describes the personality of the couple, it is important that these seamlessly reflect the gratitude in their hearts.

Here are some suggestions:

Fridge Magnets

Customized refrigerator magnets have become a unique and popular wedding souvenir across the globe. Some companies can make personalized designs depending on the marriage theme or how the couple wants the look to be.

Refrigerator magnets are useful and practical since the guests can use them for a long time, both as a decoration or a list holder.

Customized Chocolate Bars

Chocolate bars are very popular anywhere. Besides, who does not love chocolates? They make any wedding souvenir an unforgettable one. There are many ways to customize chocolate bars. Others create their own branding and packaging of the chocolate indicating the theme of the wedding.

Water Bottles

Water bottles, made either of plastic or tin, can be good wedding souvenirs. They are unique, very useful and environment-friendly. Instead of buying disposable water bottles, the guests can use these personalized bottles every day at work, in school or the gym.

Custom Candies in a Jar

Candy art has gained immense popularity worldwide. There are bakeries or candy shops that specialize in creating customized candies depending on the design and color the couple likes. The guests will surely love this souvenir, especially those with kids at home.

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One of the great ways for the bride and groom to show more of their personalities is through their wedding souvenirs. They should make sure these are memorable, unique and can be useful for their guests.