What Makes the Philippines a Premier Destination for Outsourcing?

Posted on Jan 4 2016 - 7:16am by Expert-Zine

Why Choose the Philippines as an Outsourcing DestinationThe Philippines is regarded the world over as a premier investment destination for business process outsourcing companies in various industries. The country’s young and English-speaking workforce continues to entice companies from across the globe to start or relocate operations where it matters.

A Rising Force in the Industry

India is slowly losing or has already lost its hold as the BPO capital of the world. The Philippines is gaining steam despite a smaller workforce. The increasing number of companies investing in the latter is testament to its talent. The country’s BPO call center industry generates more than 25 billion USD in revenue. The infrastructure can handle the investments and the talented workforce is capable of delivering the results needed.

Americanized Point of View

Outsourcing in the Philippines is easy, not only because of the proficiency in English, but because of the Filipino’s greater appreciation of American culture compared to their counterparts in Asia. They follow the latest TV shows, movies, music, and fashion sense, which may seem like minor details, but actually go a long way when interaction with American customers. Small talk during long waiting times on the phone may mean the difference between closing a sale and losing a customer.

Less Pay High Quality

With rising operational costs, BPOs want to make the most money without sacrificing quality. The Philippine workforce is typically comprised of college graduates with fine-tuned skill sets. They can work in I.T., finance, nursing, engineering or other fields that you may need for outsourced operations. The wage is competitive with other countries in the region, but investors will get more value for money because of the higher English proficiency and better skills.

Friendly Voice

Filipinos’ are naturally friendly and hospitable, and this is evident in the way they talk over the phone. They ask personal questions that establish rapport with customers on the other end of the line. This genuine friendliness puts a customer at ease, making it easier to discuss problems, solutions or close a sale.

Good for Start-ups

Small businesses also benefit from investing in the call center industry in the Philippines. The low cost of hiring employees and starting a company enables them to hit the ground running. Start-ups do not need a lot of money; they can work with approximately $2,000 to get operations going. Salaries start at around $400, depending on task and experience.

The Philippines is an enticing country to invest in for both small and big companies because of the culture, friendliness, low cost and English proficiency.