What You Need to Know About Flatbed Carriers

Posted on Feb 25 2016 - 12:15am by Expert-Zine

Flatbed TruckingYou may think a load is good to go, as long as it fits on the flatbed. However, the system does not work that way. Load is not the only consideration. You have to give some important information to flatbed carriers before they can give you a quote.

Inches matter

Weight is a factor in transport costs, but most people already know that. What they do not know is an inch more in any direction can make your shipment a lot more expensive than you might think. You need to give your transport company precise measurements. Before you give your customer the shipping fee, make sure you get an accurate rate quote. Otherwise, you might find yourself a few thousands in the bag.

Design for transport

If you are making or putting a product together, you always have to think about how much it will cost you to ship the item. It has to do with legal limits, as the flatbed carriers of WestCoastCarriers.net say. Even if you have a regular carrier willing to give you some slack, it will not matter. They still have to follow the law. You can ask them for advice early in the design process about how you can lessen your freight costs.

Legal limits

The limits are there for safety. When a load is too high or too long, it can fall off or snag on something. The law says a regular flatbed cannot carry anything more than 8 feet 6 inches in height and width, and 48 feet long. Weight limits are usually 45,000 pounds, although some flatbeds can legally carry heavier loads. Some flatbeds that can carry bigger loads, but those are not common. What’s more, they cost more to hire.

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You need to know these things to avoid surprises later on. Transporting your products is part of your costs, so you should know as much as possible from the start. It makes good business sense to do so.