What’s Not in a House: Items You Can Store Elsewhere

Posted on Nov 16 2017 - 1:25pm by Expert-Zine

A self storage facilityYour house can only hold so much stuff. You might not be a hoarder, but if you are a fan of buying new items and not disposing of some of your old stuff because you think you might still use them someday, you will run out of space or have a very crowded house. No amount of organisation will do if you keep adding but never subtracting.

Save yourself from space troubles and store the following bulky items elsewhere:

Old Furniture

That couch may still come in handy when you redecorate the house, or perhaps you are thinking of using it for something else. Whilst you are not sure of what to do with it, you may look for a self-storage facility in Port Douglas. It should be easy to take it out of storage once you are ready with a project to make it useful again.

Out-of-Season Clothes

The clothes you wear in winter may not be so useful in the heat of summer, which means they will only take up closet space. Rather than using up all your hangers and drawers for them, clean and store them in a storage unit and unpack when the appropriate season sets in. You can likewise do this for clothing that belongs to family members who have moved out. If they choose to move back in, you can simply give them the keys to your storage unit.

Old Appliances

When you make upgrades around the house, some old appliances may still work but have no use for you at the moment. An old TV set or air conditioner, for example, may need to be stored somewhere while you work on home renovations. These spares can come in handy when an appliance breaks down and needs replacement but you are not ready to buy a new one.

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Your home has plenty of storage space, especially if you use every square inch and corner wisely. But for some items, it is better to look at storage outside the house.