Why Is It Better to Buy a Business than Start from Scratch?

Posted on Sep 4 2018 - 6:00pm by Alonzo Callahan

Planning a businessBuilding a business from the ground up can be appealing. Who doesn’t want to have a venture that you can call your own? However, what if you buy an already existing business or brand? You can gain many advantages by purchasing a company.


Everything that you need for business is already set in place. The customers, the suppliers, the employees, the equipment, and even the flow of income are already all laid out for you. All you have to do is learn all that’s necessary to operate and manage your new company.


Purchasing a business allows you to put your effort into growing it at once rather than getting it off the ground first. For example, if you want to get into the printing industry, you have to learn more about it and grow your contacts and clientele before you even experience any form of income. Buying a printing business or franchise enables you to go straight ahead into earning and expansion.


It’s easier to ask for money from financers and banks when they see that you’re already eyeing an existing business that can help you pay them back faster. Getting any actual profit from a startup can take a while. It can even cost you more than you earn in the first few years. Also, those who agree to finance your business at the very beginning are taking the same risks as you. Hence, they might be unwilling to collaborate with you without proof of previous achievements.

Acquiring an already existing business is perfect if you don’t want to risk resources such as time and money. However, remember that you still have to make an effort to succeed. After all, you can’t achieve success without hard work and perseverance.

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