Wonderful Gift Ideas Your Girl Friends Would Surely Love

Posted on Mar 17 2016 - 2:15am by Expert-Zine

Toxic Free Nail PolishAre you part of a group of girls who are completely in love with each other’s company much like Taylor Swift’s girl squad? Know that real friendships are treasures you should take care of. One of the best ways to show your girl friends just how much you love and appreciate them is by giving them simple but memorable gifts during their birthdays. Here are some ideas that may be perfect.

Nail Polish

Is there a nail-aholic in the group? Buying nail products as a birthday gift is definitely something that will make her happy. Get only the toxic free nail polish products, says Glossandco.com.au, to make sure it’s safe to use. Even better, couple it with a gift certificate to her favourite nail salon.


Everybody loves music, and your friends are no exception. To the member of the girl squad who always listens to music, the perfect gift is a pair of brand new earphones. Pick something that’s high quality so she can use it for a long time. Throw in a CD of her favourite artist, if you will.

Scrapbook Materials

Your artistic friend who loves doing arts and crafts will definitely love scrapbook materials. HGTV recommends buying a notebook, some pens, colourful papers, an empty scrapbook, paper patterns and paper letters.

A Surprise Party

There’s no gift better than surprising your friend with a birthday party. This way, everyone can enjoy and contribute something for the happiness of your friend during her birthday. Make sure there are snacks, games and activities that will make the day memorable and fun.

Your gift should be connected to whatever your friend likes doing. This way, you can be sure that she will love and appreciate what you’ve given her.

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