Your Website Design: A Vital Building Block for Your SEO Efforts

Posted on Sep 23 2015 - 4:08am by Expert-Zine

Web DesignAs SEO evolved through the years, you witnessed many developments that changed the business landscape. You saw the rise in importance of social media and content strategies, and how link building changed. But in all these, your basic website still remains one of the building blocks of SEO. And you cannot separate from this the value of the design.

What Make a Website Design Good?

The design of your website can make or break your business. All your efforts in SEO lead your viewer to your website, where hopefully they will decide to buy your product or get your service. To achieve this, design your website to address the following crucial factors:

  • Must Contain the Necessary Components. To get the most impact from the viewer, your website must have content that is not only attractive, but also relevant and updated. Provide all the necessary tags in the page. When targeting a local market, use the local Google maps. Include contact details and other relevant data.
  • Should be Easy to Navigate. Your website design should be clean and easy to navigate for the user. Aim to provide the best user experience. Does the design make it easy for the user to locate what they need? Or does it make the user lose interest?
  • Should be Mobile Friendly. With the increasing importance of mobile searches, your website should be mobile friendly. Remember that this gadget is different from your traditional personal computer. SEO experts and website design experts in Utah say the bulk of customers may come from mobile users in the near future.
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The importance of your web design cannot be stressed enough. It is here that you get the desired response from your visitor. To ensure that you achieve your objectives, choose designs that look professional but are still easy to navigate.